Private Coaching

Below are coaches available for specialized private coaching. Rates are negotiated on an individual basis by the coach. Contact coaches directly to inquire.

Vinnie De La Cueva

Individual & Small Group Training

Resume: Vinnie, another Myrtle Beach Mutiny veteran, had a standout collegiate career at both Spartanburg Methodist College as well as North Carolina Wesleyan College. One of Vinnies major achievements in his career was making it to the final of the Nike Chance Competition in Portland, Oregon.

Phone: 704-293-4769

Email: vinniedlc10@gmail.com

RJ Bass

Individual & Small Group Training

Resume: RJ is also a Myrtle Beach Mutiny veteran and former North Carolina Wesleyan College player. He has been with CoastFA for several years now coaching on both the boys and girls side. Bass has his State D License.

Phone: 443-655-4118

Email: rbass11@aol.com

Carl Clark

Phone: 843-333-0120

Email: cclarkcoastfa@gmx.com


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